Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Book on the iPad and Nook Book

I'm glad to announce that the book '100 days on a bicycle' is available at the iBookstore for the iPad and iPhone as well as a Nook Book from Barnes & Nobles. Because of the lower price and the simplicity of purchasing an eBook, '100 days on a bicycle' is now selling like never before. It's actually the 4th best seller in the travel category of all-times at!

This truly warms my heart. There is nothing more fulfilling than sharing profound experiences that have changed your inner self and put you where you are today.

Get your eBook at the iBookstore here:
Apple's iBookstore

Find it on Barnes & Nobles here:
Barnes & Nobles Nook Book

Of course you can always get the real thing, a 222-page paperback here:

Or at Amazon here:

Plenty of ways at getting it, but it's the same adventurous read. Enjoy the ride!