Monday, June 9, 2008

The Book - 100 days on a bicycle

This blog finally became a book! With all the effort and time invested in this blog, why not turn it into a book? With all the respect for the immense digital revolution and the simplicity of spreading your words world-wide with just a few fingertip-clicks, I must argue that this cannot replace the sensation of physically holding a book and turning white pages. So I wrote a book, mainly for my own lasting memories, but also to inspire those of you who one day dream of an adventurous journey on a simple leg-powered two-wheeler.

Writing the book I took the opportunity to fill in with more venturesome scenarios that I never had the time to include in my blog posts, and also gave more life to the episodes that I have featured on this blog. The 222-page book is not only a description of my travels, but also a record of what a significant impact the journey has had on my inner-self.