Monday, June 9, 2008

The Book - 100 days on a bicycle

This blog finally became a book! With all the effort and time invested in this blog, why not turn it into a book? With all the respect for the immense digital revolution and the simplicity of spreading your words world-wide with just a few fingertip-clicks, I must argue that this cannot replace the sensation of physically holding a book and turning white pages. So I wrote a book, mainly for my own lasting memories, but also to inspire those of you who one day dream of an adventurous journey on a simple leg-powered two-wheeler.

Writing the book I took the opportunity to fill in with more venturesome scenarios that I never had the time to include in my blog posts, and also gave more life to the episodes that I have featured on this blog. The 222-page book is not only a description of my travels, but also a record of what a significant impact the journey has had on my inner-self.


  1. Congrats ! but I still haven't know the ending... emmm what you are doing now since you are back at home ? Still got your job back ?
    Your writing really inspire me...
    I saw ur blogs last year, if not mistaken.

  2. Thanks. I'm back in the working world, but dream of other cyclling adventures. There are many, many brave people out there who leave their dream cycling around the world everyday. For now, they fulfill my adventurous dreams with their stories.

  3. Hello Daniel
    I am Deen from Malaysia. congratulation! You really have spirit and full of determination. I am also want to travel by cycling. One thing I should tell you that for the next adventure you must explore Malaysia and its people. Here're the majestic rainforest that can cycle from north to south. Enjoy the next adventures to Malaysia..ehe,ehe..

  4. Hello Daniel
    Glad to see you again. Well..what is your future adventure?

    Deen, Malaysia

  5. seen not bad .. may be i should have my 100 days for my life... it's really a remarkable journey ...

    congra' to u ...

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  7. Do you have copy writer for so good articles? If so please give me contacts, because this really rocks! :)

  8. Congrats!!! super awesome!

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