Tuesday, December 12, 2006

First blog

Why am I writing a blog? The idea here is mainly for me to track my upcoming journey on a bicycle, starting in South Vietnam and ending in Western China, lasting 100 days. Sounds crazy but if you are not familiar with bike touring, I can tell you there are lots of people out there who are a lot more nuts than that. Imagine 5 years biking around the world. More about that later. So, this blog is not going to be about everyday bullshit, or how my weekend was. This will be a story about me traveling on two wheels through parts of the world I have never seen. It's about a journey of experiences.
Now, it's still more than three months to departure day, so it's a bit silly to start now, but for me, planning is half the fun, so that needs to be documented as well.
Current status is that the route has been planned and bike has been bought. That is, the big things are taken care of.
More about that next time.


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