Monday, March 5, 2007

Training 7

Route: Münster-Handorf-Telgte
Time: 2:20 h
Distance: 39 km
Average km/h: 16,1
Top km/h: 34,5
Conditions: Rainy, windy

Yet another weekend has passed and yet another training session. Proudly I can announce that I have not missed a single weekend of training since I started biking regularly. Despite any weather I have managed to get out there and do the kilometres. This weekend was no exception as me and Mattias pedalled 39 km in rain and strong winds.

I have covered all the directions out of Münster by now, thus picking an interesting route has become more difficult. When biking I spend a great deal of time looking at the map, trying to find the best way to go, which is not necessarily the fastest or easiest. On the contrary, it is more often the tougher one which requires more time, but also then more rewarding. Despite the familiar route, part of our trip was both demanding and scenic. The greatest challenge this day was dodging potholes. We did fairly well, but the mud was impossible to bypass. On one occasion we were forced off the road by an enormous puddle of water, resembling a small lake. I was lucky, but Mattias faced some difficulties as his bicycle sunk down into the mud preventing him from pedalling. I got a good laugh, and we both got very dirty bicycles.

We have seen a lot of rain lately in Münster as well as unusual warm temperatures. This in combination must have made spring arrive early for we saw a large field of Wood Anemone outside of Telgte. This flower is commonly grow in parts of northern Europe in April and May, but was blooming in full in beginning of March to our delight.

There was no point in trying to pedal fast on this day. The wind was simply too strong, and if we ever gained speed, there was potholes or a large puddle of water to slow us down. Instead, we focused on the surroundings and made more stops than usual, trying to capture the landscape and the farmland. This particularly paid off when we passed a large field on our way back to Münster. First not noticeable, a huge herd of sheep was hiding in the tall grass. When we approached most of them retracted quickly, but a proud male with his curled horns stood firm.

Just as we arrived in Münster Mattias unfortunately got a flat tire. The first in many, many kilometres he quickly explained. Luckily we were almost at home so it was a short, but yet frustrating walk home for him. I sought the opportunity and went to clean my bicycle. I treated it a good wash at the Münster train station where they offer a designed bicycle wash which very much resembles a car wash, but in minature style. At 3,50 Euros it was worth the odd experience, although it was not the best wash.


  1. ...I'm looking at starting "Training 1" some time before we leave. ;) I really look forward to getting on our way!!!

  2. Your first training will be Bao Loc - Di Linh, 36 km... :-) Only 25 days to go.