Sunday, January 21, 2007

Training 1

Route: Münster-Telgte-Wollbeck
Time: 2:00 h
Distance: 35 km
Average km/h: 17,5
Top km/h: 37,8
Conditions: Windy, rainy

Now the training starts. I'm not an experience biker, so I need to get my body used to spending hours in the saddle. Actually, yesterday was the first time I biked over 30 km in one stretch. In Vietnam I will average 70 km per stretch, and in China about 60 km. Now you understand that I have a bit of training to do.
Nevertheless, the first training went excellent considering strong winds and heavy rain. Not more than two days ago there was a hurricane in the area measuring winds up to 160Km/h. Although the winds were not near that, I could still feel the remains of the storm. Also, I am still feeling the bike and are making small adjustments to optimize comfort, which also makes the biking harder than it needs to be.
The day after I don't feel the pains and stiffness that I expected. Yesterday, however, I was completely exhausted from the exercise and pretty much unable to do much more of the day. (I did make it to a party that night but lacked social strength). I want to believe that the strong wind and heavy rain had just as much to do with the exhaustion as the biking itself.

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