Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Training 2

Route: Münster-Hiltrup-Wollbeck
Time: 1:50 h
Distance: 29 km
Average km/h: 15,2
Top km/h: 32,5
Conditions: Cold, icy

I came down with a light flu last week so I had to take it easy for this training. I was surprised I even made it out. It wasn't exactly the best conditions for biking either. The streets was covered with ice, the landscape frosty from the freezing night. The temperature had finally reached average numbers for this period of the year. However, being used to the exceptionally warm winter, I didn't pay attention to the icy roads. It didn't take long before I made my first fall. I completely wiped out when making a slow, but sharp 90 degree turn. My first fall was born. I, as well as Danny the bicycle, handled the fall beautifully, though. I was almost grateful for the experience, for I now know what it feels like to fall off Danny.

The air was cold, but crisp and fresh. I enjoyed the ride although the speed was kept very low. I didn't want to risk getting ill again. I had made some adjustments to the bike from the previous ride. It certainly helped since there was less or no aching at all the following day. For the first time I rode with a pannier, map and compass. I had mounted the handle-bar pannier the day before and packed some various items. For my next ride I'll try to attach some more loaded panniers, since this is the way I will travel. The extra weight not only effect how the bicycle behaves, but obviously makes the bicycle heavier and harder to ride.

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