Friday, February 9, 2007

Training 3

Route: Münster-Sprakel-Gelmer-Handorf
Time: 1:40 h
Distance: 29 km
Average km/h: 17,6
Top km/h: 36,3
Conditions: Cloudy

I try to go riding every weekend for a longer distance. However, it is difficult to find the time. Two hours is all that I have been able to manage this far. This past weekend was no exception as I cycled 29 km in 1:40 h. This is less than the shortest distance I have planned in Vietnam (Day 5, Bao Loc - Dalat, 36 km), which means I have to increase the distance as I continue my training.

The good news is that I thoroughly enjoy the cycling. If I get a thrill out of cycling in cloudy, icy, cold and even rainy conditions, in familiar landscapes and towns, I obviously will love pedalling through new, exciting environments and cultures in warm weather.

Nevertheless, the last training route was very interesting. I avoided the bigger roads and chose smaller, unpaved roads. For a few kilometres I even went off-road through the woods, challenging my bicycle and skills. Speed had to be kept low as I discovered that a fully loaded bicycle is not ideal on a bumpy, muddy course. In spite of the low speed for a significant number of kilometres, I ended up averaging 17,6 km/h for the entire ride, which means that I averaged between 20 and 25 km/h at other times. Not bad considering I was riding a fully loaded bicycle.

The highlight of the route was just outside of Gemler. I passed a huge field of tall grass, measuring almost two metres. Behind the field the sun was already setting, casting warm light over the golden grass. It was a Kodac moment, or actually a Canon 400D moment, that I could not resist.

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