Monday, February 12, 2007

Training 4

Route: Münster-Davenberg-Abersloh
Time: 3:10 h
Distance: 54 km
Average km/h: 17,1
Top km/h: 45,5
Conditions: Windy, rainy, cold

54 km with no rest but for occasional short stops to review the map, take a zip of water or change clothing is a great accomplishment for me. Additionally, the route that I chose was not an easy pick. Approximately 1/5 or the course consisted of gravel roads that had turned muddy from recent heavy rain and snow. A number of potholes here and there also forced me to go slow and keep me alert. Again I enjoyed the cycling, although this particular day contain all of the nasty things the weather gods can come up with. I fought heavy rain, strong winds and almost freezing temperatures.

I pedalled 30 km south of Münster, further away from the city than before. The first 35 km went surprisingly smooth and effortless. I averaged 19,6 km/h, which is a new record for the first 35 km. That was not the only new record this day. On a descending, sloping ramp I switched to the highest gear, gave full power and 150 metres later I saw my speedometer passing 40km/h. My new top speed record is officially set at 45,5 km/h. If it wasn't because of the headwind I would surely have reached 50 km/h. This record will be broken many times.

Heading north, back to Münster, was anything but effortless. I pedalled along the Werse canal, far away from any paved roads. The scenery was beautiful, with scattered farms and a completely flat, horizontal landscape, but the pain in my legs was stealing all my attention. I did not know this kind of pain existed. The muddy road seemed to hold on to my tires, not letting go. The wind was trying its best to knock me off my bicycle. Cold and exhausted I finally made it to Abersloh Weg that lead me directly to central Münster on a perfectly flat and smooth tarmac.


  1. What's your diet like on that trip? Do you strap bananas to the bike? Hotels, hostels, tent?

  2. I assume you mean the entire trip... I will try to eat four big meals a day. Eating is important, and luckily it is also very cheap in these parts of the world. And then some snacks in between the meals. I'll try to stay in guesthouses as much as possible, but on occasion I might have to camp when hotels are not avialable or I get sick/exhausted/need to rest etc.