Thursday, February 22, 2007

Training 5

Route: Münster-Roxel-Altenberge
Time: 2:30 h
Distance: 49 km
Average km/h: 18,8
Top km/h: 49,5
Conditions: Sunny, Cloudy

This was a perfect day for cycling. Little wind, partly sunny, not to warm and not too cold. The first day of my training period where the conditions were actually decent. Even better, I also got some company this time around. My friend Mattias, who is also a Swede living in Germany, and also enjoys cycling, joined me on this beautiful day. We chose to pedal east of Münster, which suits me perfectly since my routes so far have been north, west or south.

The first kilometres we struggled slightly to find an interesting route, but just outside of Roxel we picked up on a nice northern course that took us to Altenberge. From there we headed east. Apparently, Mattias and his girlfriend, Silke, have done a bit of cycling in these areas, which became obvious when we encountered Silke's mother driving the opposite direction as we crossed a larger road. We were only a few kilometres away from Silke's hometown. As a result, Mattias knew his way around and picked a fantastic route back to Münster. The last kilometres was the best cycling I've experienced so far in my short cycling carrier.


A small concern struck me at the beginning of the route. Mattias' bike computer showed different numbers than mine. In average about 10% more kilometres, which means he was travelling almost 20 km/h when I was going 18 km/h. He explained that his, and his girlfriend's bike computers, were installed by a bicycle store, and they both display the same numbers. The bad news is that most likely my settings have been wrong. The good news is that most likely I have been travelling 10% faster and longer than I have been recording and documenting.

Now, I have double-checked my settings and it appears that I have entered the wrong wheel circumference. This means that not only have I actually broken the 50 km/h speed limit, but all the numbers so far have been false. For example, my longest ride currently is not 54 km (training 4), but close to 60 km. Here are the new estimated records:
Distance: 59,4 km
Average km/h: 20,7
Top km/h: 54,5

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